Physical Therapy

Injuries are common at the workplace, at home, and while playing. If you want your injuries to heal quickly, you may have to undergo physical rehabilitation. Physical therapy is useful because it helps to rebuild strength, and to recover body parts movement after injuries. Physical therapy can also help to manage pain and it prevents permanent damage.

What is involved?

We will conduct a thorough physical evaluation, to determine the extent of your injuries and we will use the data to prepare a physical therapy program for you. Your rehabilitation will be carefully monitored.

Dr. Rudick has helped thousands of people with:

  • Improving mobility: No matter what the affected area is back, neck, shoulder, arms, or legs we can help you improve mobility.
  • Eliminate pain: We can help in pain management and can also reduce inflammation.

Our Charm City facility has helped thousands of people manage pain without the need for expensive medication or invasive surgery.

Spinal Educator

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