A chiropractor may use diagnostic imaging techniques such as x-rays, ultrasound, CT, and magnetic resonance imaging to interpret a patient's condition more accurately. If deemed necessary, our onsite Radiology suite helps reduce time needed to accurately diagnose any number of conditions.

How is radiology useful in chiropractic?

Radiology in chiropractic is used to

  • Diagnose what might have caused a symptom.
  • To monitor how a patient is responding to treatment.
  • To check for various injuries that might need intervention.

Our Park Heights facility includes on-site radiology suite. Dr. Rudick is licensed in radiology and he has extensive experience in interpreting imaging exams.

How you can benefit from our radiology suite?

Our radiology facility gives us many advantages since the imaging is performed in-house, there is no delay between ordering an image and interpretation.

Imaging services are often expensive. Through our Charm City radiology facility, we are able to often lower costs for our patients and make treatments more affordable.

The importance of imaging in chiropractic treatment

Radiology reports are important chiropractic records. But failure to interpret a radiographic record properly can be dangerous and can lead to inaccurate diagnosis. Investigations have found that, an emergency room physician is less likely to diagnose an x-ray report accurately, than a physician who is trained in radiography.

An imaging exam gives us the opportunity to look at skeletal structures and check for malpositions and deviations. We can also look into bone mineralization, bone density, shape, configuration, size of bone structures and possible abnormalities.

A radiology examination also assists in discovering joint abnormalities, space loss, widening, and obliteration of cartilage tissue. These tests help us to gain a complete understanding of your problem and later, effective treatment can be administered.

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